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La Vista

AFED Board

American Foundation for the Elderly Deaf

AFED is the General Partner in ownership of La Vista Retirement Community.  The original AFED Board members envisioned an independent living retirement community that offers affordable housing for seniors.  As a result of their efforts, La Vista was built in 1997 on the outskirts of San Marcos, deep in the heart of Texas. 


The AFED Board members are volunteers who are committed to offering affordable housing and improved quality of life for those who call La Vista "Home".  AFED Board members receive no compensation for their time and dedication on La Vista's behalf.  The Board is comprised of current and past residents as well as family members and others who have special ties to the deaf/hard of hearing world.  Their mission is to serve ALL residents , deaf/hard of hearing and hearing, alike.

Ann Horn


Beth Schreiber

Vice - President

Doug Dittfurth


Walt Camenisch

Larry Barnett

Billy Collins

Brenda Fraenkel

Beverly Rodriguez

Barbie Vicencio

Beverly Duncan

Bruce Harlan

Fred Newberry

Susan Sien

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